A winner at the Hula Hoop!!

Vic and the Wazoo hogging the limelight.

Definately another winner!!!

Deke and the Wazoo

Past and present members.

Crabs & Mel (his wife!!)

Deke contemplating.... 

Huck Finning at party.

Moose Singing???

Moose & Mrs Moose

Huck Fin.

Huck singing 16 Candles for a Birthday

Fins getting ready to play..

Vic hanging out..

Vic at Muddy Waters

Wazoo again!! in Port Alberni at the Arlington

Wazoo finning in Maui!

Wazoo in Cost-a-lota Rica designing "The Fins" New T-Shirts!

Vic in full 50's mood

Moose and Mrs Moose New Years Eve 2005

Opi, Fins singer with birthday girl:Lana


Fathead blowin' up a storm........